Padgett Falls is a Pickens-County Treasure, which is located on Upper Salem Church Road in Pickens County Georgia and is just outside of the city of Jasper. states that Padgett Falls is one of the TOP THREE waterfalls in North Georgia. See the following link: Top 3 Waterfalls in North Georgia

Padgett Falls is very important to the surrounding Ecosystem.

For additional information about Padgett Falls, go to the following link: Information about Padgett Falls

The current owners of the land, on which Padgett Falls is located, are wanting to re-zone the land from "AG" to "HB". There is only one zoning more industrial than "HB" zoning and that is "I" (Industrial District) zoning.

The Pickens County Code of Ordinances describes "HB" zoning in Section 67-8.10, as follows (quoting):

"67-8.10. Highway Business District (HB).

Purpose and intent. The highway business district is intended to provide suitable areas for those business and commercial uses which primarily serve the public traveling by automobile and which benefit from direct access to major streets. HB districts provide that the automobile has precedence over the pedestrian. Generally, highway commercial districts are considered unsuitable abutting single-family residential districts because of the uses permitted in the district and their associated off-site impacts. This district most appropriately implements portions of multiple character areas shown on the Pickens County Future Development Map in the comprehensive plan as Highway 515 Corridor; Highway 53/West Church Street Corridor; Highway 53 South (East Church St.) Corridor; and Highway 5 Alternate/North Main Street Corridor.

Permitted and conditional uses. Permitted and conditional uses shall be as provided in Table 6-1-1, 'Permitted and Conditional Uses by Land Use Intensity District.'

Dimensional requirements. Dimensional requirements shall be as provided in Table 6-1-2, 'Dimensional Requirements by Land Use Intensity District.'"


The specific Pickens County re-zoning request/application pertaining to this issue is as follows:

(quoting a county handout)
"RZ-190504-Tanner Cummings, Bliss Holdings, LLC
930 Upper Salem Church Road
AG to HB
48.42 acres
Parcel #041 182"

Persons, who live on Upper Salem Church Road, are concerned that any disturbance of the land, on which Padgett Falls is located, will damage and/or destroy the surrounding Ecosystem of the area and damage and/or destroy Padgett Falls.

If you are a citizen of Pickens County Georgia and you care about Padgett Falls, then please call or contact the Board of Commissioners of Pickens County Georgia and respectfully request that they take appropriate steps to Protect Padgett Falls.

The web page, for the Pickens County Board of Commissioners, is at the following link:

If you are a citizen of Pickens County Georgia and you are AGAINST re-zoning the land surrounding Padgett Falls, then please attend the meeting of the Pickens County Board of Commissioners, which will be held on August 17, 2023 at 5:30pm at 1266 East Church Street, Jasper, Georgia. At this meeting, the persons, on the Board of Commissioners, will be making their FINAL decision on this re-zoning issue.

If you would like to help to protect Padgett Falls, then please spread the awareness of this issue to other persons by putting the link: "" on all of your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and tell other persons to do the same.

If you would like to submit a comment, then please email your comment to: